Calling All Artists

Hello creative spirits! We're VRenity, a place where imagination meets reality and your creativity gets to shine. Are you a musician with tunes that can stir souls or an animator with a knack for bringing stories to life? We're all about showcasing new talents like yours. Embrace your inner nerd.

Nerdle Animation

Create an animation of Nerdle and submit for consideration.

Are you ready to unleash your creativity and animate Nerdle, the lovable character from VRenity? This is your opportunity to capture the spirit of adventure and tranquility in a unique 30-second 3D animation. Let Nerdle's world come alive through your artistic vision!

Who's Nerdle?

  • Imagine a 12-inch tall figure, radiating calmness and joy, a tech-savvy nature enthusiast.
  • Known for a lightbulb that lights up with ideas or when enjoying music.
  • Think of a character as engaging as Groot, with a twist of nerdiness.

Animation Challenge:

  • Duration: Create a 30-second captivating animation.
  • Software: Blender.
  • Final Output: MP4 format.

Scene Ideas:

  • Visualize Nerdle in scenarios like cliff-diving, swimming in a lagoon, or hiking with sun rays filtering through trees.
  • You're not limited to these! Feel free to animate any scene that shows Nerdle enjoying nature.
  • Multiple submissions are encouraged.

Sounds of Nature:

  • Complement your animation with realistic nature sounds that match the scene.

Why Participate?

  • Showcase your animation talent.
  • The winning animation will be featured on Nerdle's social media - a great exposure opportunity!
  • VRenity will be a notable addition to your portfolio.

Target Audience:

  • Those seeking a moment of mindfulness and a connection with nature.


  • Email files to
  • Deadline: March 15th, 2024.

We're excited to see your interpretation of Nerdle's world – where nature, technology, and a bit of magic blend seamlessly. Let your creativity flow and bring Nerdle's adventures to life!

VRenity Sound Music

Submit your original track for consideration. All songs will have 8D effect applied and will be searchable on VRenity Sound by genre.

Submit tracks to

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At VRenity, your artistic journey takes center stage in a world where imagination knows no bounds. This vibrant hub for students and emerging talents offers more than a platform—it's a dynamic ecosystem where every song and animation you contribute marks a significant step in your creative odyssey. Here, you're not just participating; you're growing, refining your craft, and making your mark in the digital universe.

Nolie MacDonald, CEO VRenity, Inc.


You can also contact us below with any questions.