VRenity creates hyper-realistic VR worlds, offering therapeutic escapes for PTSD and trauma recovery.


Retraining the Brain

VRenity offers a transformative experience, using immersive virtual reality and spatial sound to retrain the brain, empowering users to develop enhanced coping skills and improve their overall well-being.


Nature Virtual Reality Simulation
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VR zip lining for fear of heights immersion therapy
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VR waterfall scene
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Virtual Reality for Healing

VRenity is at the forefront of transformative therapeutic technology, crafting immersive experiences that envelop the senses and foster tranquility. Our innovative solutions are set to revolutionize the way individuals engage with mental wellness, utilizing the latest in audio and visual technology across popular VR platforms. Prepare for a new dimension in wellness, where serene soundscapes meet dreamlike visuals, all within the reach of your VR headset.

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VRenity is deeply committed to supporting those affected by trauma and PTSD, which, according to the American Psychological Association, impacts up to 8% of people in the U.S. We offer VR experiences designed to alleviate stress in challenging healthcare scenarios, including chemotherapy, surgery preparation, and mental health recovery for trauma and phobias. Our virtual environments provide a serene space, aiming to ease anxiety and promote well-being during tough treatment journeys. At VRenity, we blend technology with empathy, focusing on meaningful, calming experiences for effective healing.

VRenity Room VR Therapy