Eric Nevala

Eric Nevala is a seasoned software engineer with over twenty years of experience, renowned for launching the indie VR game "Spellbound" on Steam. A Marine Corps veteran, he distinguished himself as a "combat programmer" in war zones, where he developed vital systems for civil reconstruction projects and strategic tools for NATO. His expertise extends to managing IT infrastructure and innovating in AR & VR simulations at Meta Research Labs, including the creation of a sophisticated 80-node render farm from scratch. Eric's career also includes impactful roles at Raytheon, where he worked on avionics training software, and at Electronic Arts, contributing to the Frostbite game engine, demonstrating his unwavering commitment to technological innovation and excellence.

CES 2024

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Navigating the Labyrinth of CES 2024: A Personal Journey through Innovation, People, and Emerging Technologies

Introduction: CES 2024 is now behind us. What are the salient memories from my personal experience? Walking. So much walking! And soreness in the back and legs from standing for hours and hours on end. It's really quite exhausting. I wore my Fitbit,...

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